A new polling group “ACI Polling Groups” has been introduced in Smart Assurance IP Availability and Performance Manager to poll Cisco ACI devices.

To change the polling interval for Cisco ACI devices, perform these steps:


  1. Click Polling tab at the bottom of the Polling and Thresholds window.
  2. Expand ACI Polling Groups > Control Cluster > Settings.
  3. Click Polling Setting for Cisco ACI.
  4. Set a value for the new polling interval on the right side window.
    Default value is 240 seconds.
  5. Click Apply to apply the changes.
  6. Click Reconfigure to complete the applied settings on the IP server.

    All components which are discovered through Cisco APIC controllers, like ControllerNodes, Fabric Switch and its components use the polling interval, defined by ACI Polling Groups.

    However, for threshold existing settings are used. Example, for Fabric Switch, regular Switch thresholds are applied.