Currently, IP Availability Manager is unable to create FCoE Interfaces on the Storage Array due to the lack of MIB2 support on FCoE interface for the supported VNX.

To create user defined FCoE interface(s) on the storage array, configure the IP Availability Manager as follows:

  1. In the installation area where the IP Manager server is running, go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and type the following command to open the user-defined-nwadapters.conf file:

    sm_edit conf/discovery/user-defined-nwadapters.conf
  2. Add the similar lines to create the FCoE network adapter(s) on the storage array.

    # Following are a few examples. NOTE - the lines are commented, so the 
    # discovery won't really try to make these data to create network adapter(s). 
    # SystemName|NetworkAdapterClassName|NetworkAdapterNumber|NetworkAdapterDisplayName|
    # mgt206057|Interface|111|user-defined-interface-111|
    # mgt206057|Port|119|user-defined-port-119|
  3. Make sure the FCoE Interfaces that need to be created are uncommented in the file, so that IP Availability Manager is able to execute them as desired.

  4. Save and close the file.


    You may observe the disappearance of the user-defined interface and user-defined connection when the VNX host is re-discovered on which the user-defined interface was created by using the above configuration. Subsequently, you will be able to see the user-defined interfaces and user-defined connection again at the end of discovery.