This sections provides information on various components used in VMware Smart Assurance.

Simple Overview Architecture

Architectural Components

Component Categories Name Description
Global Manager/ Domain Managers Smart Assurance IP Availability Manager (IP-AM) Domain Manager to discover, model, root-cause, and impact analysis capabilities across the IP network, including network-attached storage.
Smart Assurance Server Manager (ESM) Domain Manager to discover, monitor, and analyze availability and performance of server and virtual infrastructure including service monitoring - VMware ESX server, Hypervisor and Virtual Machines (VMs), NFV VIO, VNFs etc.
Smart Assurance MPLS Manager (MPLS) MPLS Manager relies on the topology and status updates that are received from IP Availability Manager to discover and monitor MPLS networks, and to discover and monitor MPLS Layer 2 VPNs (L2VPNs) andLayer 3 VPNs (L3VPNs) that are configured and provisioned over MPLS networks
Smart Assurance Network Protocol Manager (NPM) Network Protocol Manager working with VMware Smart Assurance IP Availability Manager, discovers and monitors network devices that are running BGP/OSPF/EIGRP/ISIS services, diagnoses service related failures, and exports the results of its analysis to the Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager (Global Manager). Network Protocol Manager also detects common configuration problems that occur when deploying and maintaining the routing infrastructure.
Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager (VoIP) Domain Manager to discover, monitor, and analyze availability of VoIP networks.
Smart Assurance Optical Transport Manager (OTM) Optical Transport Manager consists of four domain managers: SONET/SDH, WDM, low Order SONET/SDH (also referred to as PDH), and the Next Generation WDM (WDM-NG) server. The first three domain servers are split into two functional servers: Topology and Analysis. The WDM-NG server works with EMC M&R to collect data from EMS systems that support TMF 864. Both topology and analysis functions are combined in the WDM-NG server.
Smart Assurance Manager (SAM) Global Manager (Service Assurance Manager) is the software component at the heart of Service Assurance. The Global Manager consolidates topology and event information from multiple underlying domain managers (IP, ESM, MPLS etc.) and provides a central point for monitoring and managing distributed analysis domains
Data Collection Framework (DCF)

Protocol:SNMP, REST


Data Sources:Clearwater, Cloudify, vROPS, Velocloud

Data collection framework designed to simplify data collection, filtering processing fault, metric and configuration data from various data sources (e.g. Clearwater, Cloudify, VeloCloud etc.) supporting REST, SNMP or JSON format. The data collected are eventually published to KAFKA messaging broker for further processing by Global/Domain Manager, Analytics and UI/Reporting components.
Analytics KPI Engine (K4M) General-purpose Key Performance Indicator (KPI) computation engine. It provides a model for defining KPIs and a runtime stream processing engine to compute KPI's
UI and Reporting Management and Reporting (MnR) Management and Reporting Engine for Smarts SAM and Domain Managers to report performance, fault and topology data that are discovered and monitored by Smart Assurance Domain Managers (IP, ESM etc.)
vRealize Operations (vROPS) Operations management solution integrated with VSA providing application-to-network and storage visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Open Source Packages

Name Description
Elastic Search Elastic Search to store Smart Assurance Notifications reported via Notification UI
KAFKA Common messaging broker for communication of data between various Smart Assurance components
  1. Database to store KPI definitions for various domains vIMS, SD-WAN etc. in K4M (KPI) engine.
  2. Database to store KPI definitions for various domains vIMS, SD-WAN etc. in K4M (KPI) engine.
Redis Database to store Notification UI configuration data.