To configure a Multicast Manager deployment for light multicast discovery, set values for the IP Availability Manager parameters described in the following table.

IP Availability Manager parameters for multicast light discovery
Parameter If set to FALSE If set to TRUE
DisableMulticastDiscovery Availability Manager creates a multicast topology collection set for import by the Multicast Manager Availability Manager does not create a multicast topology collection set.
ProtocolInterfaceDisabledAlarm IP Availability Manager makes Interface Disabled problems available to the Multicast Manager, to be used by the Multicast Manager in its cross-domain analysis. IP Availability Manager hides Interface Disabled problems from the Multicast Manager. Doing so inhibits the Multicast Manager from sending Disabled problem notifications to the Global Manager.

For each source IP Availability Manager:


  1. At the IP Availability Manager installation area, go to BASEDIR/smarts/bin, issue the following command:sm_edit ../conf/discovery/tpmgr-param.conf.
  2. Locate the following parameters and ensure that they are set to FALSE:
    DisableMulticastDiscovery FALSE
    ProtocolInterfaceDisabledAlarm FALSE
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart the Availability Manager for your configuration changes to take effect.
  5. Restart the Multicast Manager, using the bootstrap-lite.conf file. Enter the following command on one line:
    Note: ▼▲ indicates that this command must be typed as one line.