The Multicast Manager uses information from the IP Availability Manager to create a basic topology in its own repository. The Multicast Manager performs cross-domain impact analysis to determine which multicast entities are affected.

In addition, the Multicast Manager uses SNMP probing to discover which routers in the network are enabled for multicast and what roles they play. The Multicast Manager polls the MIBs listed in SNMP MIBs polled. The Multicast Manager supports SNMP V3, transferring SNMP V3 credentials from the IP Availability Manager during topology synchronization.

The Multicast Manager then stitches the discovered entities together with the topology imported from the IP Availability Manager and builds a representation of the multicast topology in its repository using a set of specialized classes. These classes are described in more detail in Multicast Elements and Their Relationships. The topology representation includes domain-specific entities and relationships such as IP multicast routing information, and multicast neighboring relationships and dependencies.

The Multicast Manager supports light discovery, as described in Light discovery and provides a new way of managing System-MulticastGroups (SG), as described in PIMSgEntry reduction.