During discovery and post-processing phases, the Multicast Manager creates the relationships and connections between the multicast elements. For every relationship or connection, there is an inverse relationship or connection. For example, the relationship PartOf is the inverse relationship of ComposedOf.

The key relationships for MulticastGroups, MulticastSources, MulticastTrees are shown in the following figure:

Relationships between Multicast classes

Each MulticastGroup object has the relationship ConsistsOf to objects in the following classes:

  • MulticastService—Represents the multicast service running on the routers that the multicast group uses
  • MulticastSource—One or more sources that are sending data to the group
  • MulticastTree—The distribution tree for the group
  • IGMPNetwork—One or more networks that have hosts who have registered to receive data from the multicast group

The SendsTo relationship between a MulticastSource and a MulticastTree, and between a MulticastTree and one or more IGMPNetwork objects defines a top level view of the data flow for a multicast group.

Additional relationships for MulticastServices that are performing DR and RP functions are described below.