The Polling and Thresholds Console is used to display groups and modify their properties. To access the Polling and Threshold Console, open the Domain Manager Administration Console.

Attaching to a Domain Manager, such as the Multicast Manager, with the Domain Manager Administration Console requires an Smarts user account with the following privileges and permissions:

  • All privileges, specified in the serverConnect.conf file (or its equivalent) read by the Domain Manager.
  • Permission to use the console operation, Configure Domain Manager Admin Console. Through the Global Manager Administration Console, this permission is specified in the Console Operations section of the user profile.

For information about configuring access privileges, see the Smarts System Administration Guide. For information about configuring permissions to perform specific console operations, see the Smarts Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide.

Opening the Polling and Thresholds Console

To open the Polling and Thresholds Console:
  1. Attach the Global Console to the Multicast Manager.
  2. In the Topology Browser Console, select Configure > Domain Manager Administration Console.
  3. In the Domain Manager Administration Console, select Edit > Polling and Thresholds.

Layout of the Polling and Thresholds Console

The Polling and Thresholds Console is divided into two panels.
  • The left panel displays the icon for the analysis domain in the upper-left corner and provides two tabs, Polling and Thresholds, at the bottom. When the Polling tab is selected, the console displays polling groups. Likewise, when the Thresholds tab is selected, the console displays threshold groups.

    For each group, there are settings that provide adjustable parameters and a membership list of managed elements to which the settings are applied.

  • The right panel remains blank until a group, setting, or member is selected in the left panel. When an item is selected in the left panel, the right panel displays additional information regarding that item.

Polling and Thresholds Console toolbar buttons

The toolbar of the Polling and Thresholds Console provides quick access to the commands described in the following table:
Button Description
Attach to a Domain Manager
Detach from a Domain Manager
Reconfigure polling and thresholds groups
Delete selected item