During an upgrade, the installer creates a backup of your customizations and places them in the <BASEDIR>/smarts/.migrate.bkp.<version> directory.

If during the installation you choose to skip migrating the files back into your new local directory, you may either manually migrate or merge the files into your new local installation directory or run the sm_migrate utility in the UPGRADE mode to perform this action.

Use the following steps to run the sm_migrate utility:

  1. Go to the <BASEDIR>/smarts/bin folder.

  2. Type the following command to migrate the backup directory to the new installation:

    ./sm_perl sm_migrate.pl
    --new=<new installation location up to and including smarts> --upgrade --silent
    c:\InCharge\SAM\smarts\bin>sm_perl sm_migrate.pl
    --new=c:\InCharge\SAM\smarts --upgrade
  3. Press y or any other key to start the file merge utility (sm_merge utility), and then press Enter. The utility is invoked individually for each of the files that may require a three-way merge. “Three-way merge utility” on page 94 provides details. Once the utility completes merging the files, a message is displayed indicating successful completion of the process.


    Press n to skip the invocation of the file merge utility.


    You may use an additional --silent option to avoid this prompt. In which case, by default, the utility will attempt the three-way merge.

  4. Press y or any other key to copy security configuration files, and then press Enter. This will copy the security configuration files from .migrate.bkp.<version>/conf to local/conf of the new installation.


    Press n to skip the copying of security configuration files.

  5. Review the files (merged, auto-merged and .conflict) after the migration is over. Take appropriate actions as mentioned in the 'User Action' column in “Custom file migration use cases” on page 91.