This sections provides information on security enhancements in VMware Smart Assurance.

The following components are upgraded for VSA Domain Managers:
  • Perl upgraded to 5.32.0.
  • Java is upgraded to, except for ASAM and SAM console.
  • Java is upgraded to 32 bit SAM console (windows / linux).
  • Zlib is upgraded to 1.2.11.
  • Jackson-databind is upgraded to 2.12.3, for SAM domain manager.
  • Jackson-databind is upgraded to 2.11.0 for OTM domain manager.
  • RabbitMQ client (amqp-client) is upgraded to 5.12.0 for SAM and ESM.
  • Tomcat is upgraded to 9.0.45 on SAM server/ SAM console [linux / windows].
  • Log4J is upgraded to 1.2.17
  • SQlight3 is upgraded to 3.32.3, on SAM windows console.