After installing on Windows, you can start all required services from a Windows desktop.


Make sure you have logged in with system administrator credentials to manage services.

Note: The list of available services will vary depending upon choices (Collector, Backend, Frontend, Default, or Minimal) made during installation.


  1. From the application server's desktop, select Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Right-click each service and click Start, in this order:
    • APG Topology Mapping Service
    • APG Topology Service
    • APG Webservice Gateway
    • APG MySQL
    • APG Alerting Backend
    • APG Backend
    • APG Collector Manager (Generic RSC)
    • APG Collector Manager (Generic-SNMP)
    • APG Collector Manager (Load-Balancer)
    • APG Event Processing Manager (Alert-Consolidation)
    • APG Tomcat
    • APG Task Scheduler