SolutionPack version


Compatible M&R versions

6.8u5 and later

Data collection method

XML collector

All metrics are parsed through 3GPP standard xml files.

Performance measurement data

The SolutionPack for Ericsson IMS TSP monitors and collects performance measurement data for this SolutionPack. If you want to generate the reports that show this data, make sure you install the SolutionPack for Ericsson IMS TSP.

Main reports

Summary Active Users / Registrations

Summary Failed Registrations

Summary Active Sessions

Summary CSCF Session Establishment in Busy Hour

Summary Dropped Sessions

Summary IMS-AKA Successful Authentications

Summary IMS-AKA Failed Authentications

Summary Accounting Requests



  • CSCF Registrations
  • CSCF Sessions
  • Emergency Sessions
  • IMS AKA Authentication
  • Session Initiator Protocol (SIP) traffic
  • Diameter (Cx - Rf)

Equipment-Related Measurements:

  • Summary of Equipment Related Measurement
  • CPU Load (Maximum and Average %) of each Processor and System
  • Disk Usage per IO Processor
  • IPv4 Statistic per Interface
  • Memory Usage (Used, Free, and Maximum %) of each Processor and System
  • Cluster and Processor Uptime