Configure client tools to execute Perl scripts when you right-click a notification. This is not part of the default installation and must be configured manually.


This feature is available when the Presentation SAM is upgraded to version 9.4.2 onwards and M&R is upgraded to 6.7u1 onwards. The SolutionPack for Smarts must also be upgraded to get support for this feature.


  1. Create a folder, clientTools, in <installdirectory>/APG/Web-Servers/Tomcat/Default/webapps/dojoviews/WEB-INF.
  2. Copy a valid Perl script file, <file_name>.pl, to this location.
  3. Edit dojoviews.xml and add privileged="true" as an attribute for the Context tag. For example, <Context reloadable="false" privileged="true">
    dojoviews.xml is in <install directory>/APG/Web-Servers/Tomcat/Default/conf/Catalina/localhost
  4. Save the file.
  5. Modify web.xml to uncomment the servlet, cgi, and its servlet mapping.
    web.xml is in <install directory>/APG/Web-Servers/Tomcat/Default/webapps/dojoviews/WEB-INF
  6. Restart the tomcat services
  7. Test the script by invoking the URL. For example, from this location, <install directory>/APG/Web-Servers/Tomcat/Default/webapps/dojoviews/WEB-INF, enter this URL: http://<M&R_Host>:<Port>/dojoviews/client-tool/<file_name>.pl
  8. Modify SmartsTools.json to add the new tool as a Notification attribute.
    SmartsTools.json is in M&R Centralized Management at Logical Overview > Miscellaneous > Custom > WebApps-Resources.