Before installing a SolutionPack, you must perform certain steps to ensure the SolutionPack is able to collect performance parameters from various IMS components. These parameters are transferred in 3GPP-compliant XML files from IMS to the host using SFTP.


Review the configuration options for the XML collector in the APG-Text-Parsing-Library.pdf file located in the <Install_Dir>/APG/Doc directory of the M&R host.


  1. Create a directory in the M&R host for collecting performance data.
    For example: /opt/IMS/incoming/ipworks
  2. On the directory that you just created, change the permissions to apg.
    For example: # chown -R apg:apg /opt/IMS/incoming/ipworks
  3. Configure the OSS-RC, EMS (Element Management System), mediation node, or other to push the 3GPP-compliant XML files (i.e., Ericsson Report Output Files (ROP)) to the directory created in step 2.
    These 3GPP-compliant XML files are listed in the section called Node, Performance category, Default filename pattern and 3GPP format.
  4. Verify the periodic transfer of the 3GPP-compliant XML files is set accordingly. If your SolutionPack is set to look for updates every five minutes (the default), make sure SFTP is invoked every five minutes as well.
  5. SFTP the 3GPP-compliant XML files into the directory that you just created.