Voice stream data settings direct voice stream RTCP information to VoIP Monitor.

To monitor voice stream data for Avaya SIP Phones, edit these settings in the Avaya 46xxsettings.txt file.


  1. Edit SET RTCPMON <ip_address> and insert the <ip_address> of the VoIP Monitor server.
  2. Edit SET RTCPMONPORT <port_number> and set the port number of the port used to send RTCP information to the IP address of the VoIP Monitor server, as specified in the RTCPMON statement. When possible use the default setting 5005.
  3. Edit SET RTCPMONPERIOD <n> where <n> specifies the time interval in seconds when the system sends RTCP monitoring reports (5-30 seconds, with the default of 5). Use the default.