Learn how to install and configure the SolutionPack for Optical Wavelength Services. This SolutionPack discovers and monitors TMF864-compliant Element Management Systems.

Use this SolutionPack as one component of your Optical Transport Manager (OTM) deployment. Other components include
  • VMware Smarts 10.1.5 Optical Transport WDM-NG domain manager
  • VMware Smarts 10.1.5 Service Assurance Manager
  • M&R with SolutionPack for Smarts installed

Data flow among the OTM components

The SolutionPack for Optical Wavelength Services uses a Stream Collector (SC) to poll TMF 864-compliant Element Management Systems (EMS) at a configurable polling interval. The information that is collected is persisted in the M&R database so that the Smarts WDM-NG domain manager can retrieve the data and build topology based on the property information. The SC makes SOAP WebService requests to the EMS to retrieve the topology and extract information. First the authentication / login request is sent and then the security ID is extracted. This security ID (session ID) is sent as part of the SOAP envelope in all the subsequent calls.