Learn how to install and configure the . This SolutionPack provides unified monitoring of all the Cisco ASA/PIX devices distributed in the network.

The SolutionPack for Cisco Firewall enables you to do the following:
  • Verify the load session both for IKE Phase 1 and IPSec Phase 2 VPN tunnels.
  • Verify the firewall efficiency by monitoring the packet rate and connections, so you can demonstrate gains and fine-tune your device configuration.
  • Monitor the Cisco ASA/PIX devices in real-time to pro-actively optimize your services availability.
  • Understand your device activity, for example, listing which Cisco ASA opens the most firewall connections, as well as activity peak times and more.
  • Collect and interpret data across multiple Cisco ASA devices to perform resource grouping and mathematical calculations making performance information readily available.