To upgrade from M&R 6.5u4 and 6.6u1 to 6.8u5, you must perform the following steps:


Download the M&R 6.8u5 build from Online Support website at


  1. Upgrade the M&R core to 6.8u5, by invoking the following command:
    For more details, refer the M&R Installation and Configuration Guide for M&R Core upgrade procedures.
  2. To upgrade the platform:
    /opt/APG/bin/ update module-manager
    /opt/APG/bin/ service update all
  3. Install the Elastic Search cluster package, see Configuring Elastic Search for more information.
  4. Uninstall old Traffic Flows SolutionPack and delete the blocks.
    In case of upgrade from 6.6u1, you need to delete the resources pointing to datastore for TrafficFlows SP.
  5. Install the 6.8u5 Traffic Flows SolutionPack.
  6. Migrate the old database V2 to V3 to update the latest schema:
    In Linux:
    • Navigate to /opt/APG/Event-Processing/Elasticsearch-Writer/ <instance_name>/datastore-ddl.

    • Run the script. This runs the migration script flow-database-migrate-V2toV3.ddl on the backend automatically.

    In Windows:
    • Run the migration script on the backend host (in case of distributed setup).
    • Navigate to /opt/APG/Event-Processing/Elasticsearch-Writer/ <instance_name>/datastore-ddl. The instance name was set during the installation of the SolutionPack.

    • Open the flow-database-migrate-V2toV3.ddl file and use CTRL+C, to copy the content.

    • Navigate to APG\Databases\APG-Datastore\Default\bin.
    • Run the datastore-client.cmd script to connect to the datastore.
    • In the SQL prompt, use CTRL+V to paste the contents from the buffer.
  7. Restart the Event Processing Manager process.
  8. Reconfigure the Tomcat on the frontend, as mentioned in the post installation wizard.

    It is necessary to reconfigure the Tomcat frontend after installation of this SolutionPack and update/upgrade.

  9. Run the migration task, see Migrating Traffic Flows SolutionPack from Datastore to Elastic Search for more information.