The publisher is a component in the presentation SAM domain that sends notifications into RabbitMQ. The RabbitMQ login for this process is with the default password of . To change this password, you must update both RabbitMQ and the SAM configuration with a new matching password.


  1. Log in to the RabbitMQ web-based management interface as admin.
  2. Click the Admin tab and select publisher from the list of RabbitMQ login users.
  3. Click Update this user.
  4. Enter the new password in both password fields.
  5. Click Update User.
  6. To change the password in the SAM configuration:
    1. Log in to the host where the presentation SAM is installed.
    2. Type sm_edit conf/clientConnect.conf.
    3. In the clientConnect.conf file, look for a line beginning with AMQP/*
      It is similar to this:
    4. In the AMQP/*" line, replace the password field with the same password that you entered for the RabbitMQ publisher account.
      In this example, the password was set to california:
    5. Save clientConnect.conf and exit sm_edit.
  7. Restart the publisher by connecting to your presentation SAM using dmctl.
    For example:
    1. $ dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA-PRES
    2. dmctl> invoke SM_AMQPNotificationPublisher::SM-AMQPNotificationPublisher stop
      Note: If the stop command hangs, verify that you entered the same password for the RabbitMQ publisher and SAM.
    3. dmctl> invoke SM_AMQPNotificationPublisher::SM-AMQPNotificationPublisher start
  8. In the RabbitMQ interface, click the Connections tab and verify the publisher is connected.