The Huawei iManager M2000 formats the data in the performance management files based on the counter ID (numerical representation), the counter name or the counter description. For the Stream collector to correctly parse the metrics in these files, you must indicate the format of these PM files during the SolutionPack installation.

The Huawei iManager M2000 creates one performance management CSV file for each counter group ID. This table shows the performance properties for Counter Group ID:-67109381.
Table 1. Example of performance properties
Counter ID Counter name Counter description
67189749 IRATHO.AttRelocPrepOutCS Number of Preparation Attempts for CS Outgoing Inter-RAT Handover for Cell
67189755 IRATHO.SuccOutCS Number of Successful CS Outgoing Inter-RAT Handovers for Cell


  1. Using a text editor, open one of the performance management CSV files.
  2. In the column header after Reliability, check for these formats. The italicized text shows the actual format example.
    Format Example
    Counter ID Result Time,Granularity Period,Object Name,Reliability,"67202488"
    Counter name Result Time,Granularity Period,Object Name,Reliability,"VS.HSUPA.16QAM.UtilizeTimePermillage"
    Counter description Result Time,Granularity Period,Object Name,Reliability,"AR3010A:Mean Number of Dynamically Configured Channels(SDCCH)(900/850/810 band)"
    You are asked for this format when you install the SolutionPack.