By using the Data Enrichment functionality, you can quickly tag data coming from the SolutionPack's Collector-Manager to display in the access point cells of the reports' tables and graphs. By default, only the device name displays in these cells but you can define additional properties to appear in these cells, such as the customer name, the cell ID, and the device model.


  1. Navigate to Centralized Management.
  2. Click Data Enrichment > Register a new module.
  3. On the Register a new module window, do the following:
    1. Select the Collector-Manager server on which the SolutionPack's collection block resides, which was set during installation.
    2. Select the Collecting category.
    3. Select the PTF-femto-AP module. For a default installation, the module is Collector-Manager::ipaccess-nano3g::PTF-femto-AP.
    4. Click Register.
    5. Select the PTF-femto-AP module, such as Collector-Manager::ipaccess-nano3g::PTF-femto-AP.
      The New tagging window appears. To enrich the data in the access point cells, you can manually tag new properties or you can create and import a CSV file that contains new properties and their values.
  4. If tagging new properties:
    1. Click Add new property.
    2. Fill out the fields on the Create a new key window.
    3. Click Save.
  5. If creating a CSV file:
    1. Use a format similar to this one:
      31071,EN107,Enma Mall,Indoor,3G
      31074,EN107,Enma Mall,Indoor,3G
      For more information on how property tagging works with the CSV file, see the Property Tagging Filter Administration Guide in the /APG/Doc folder of your installation path.
    2. When you are finished creating the CSV file, click Import CSV.
    3. Click Choose File to navigate to your CSV file.
    4. Click Ok.


After the next polling cycle, you will see the access point cells displaying the additional data.