Download the M&R build from online support website at .


  1. Upgrade the M&R core to, by invoking the following command:

    For more details, refer the M&R Installation and Configuration guide for M&R Core upgrade procedures.

  2. To upgrade the platform:
    /opt/APG/bin/ update module-manager
    /opt/APG/bin/ service update all
  3. Install the Elastic Search cluster package, see Configuring NCM SP with Elastic Searchwith Elastic for more information.
  4. Update the NCM SolutionPack.
  5. Install events block after upgrading , if Elastic Search DB is needed for Jobs data.
  6. If Elastic Search needs to be used for jobs data , select the option Enable ElasticSearch DB in Browse and Install SolutionPacks screen. See Installing the SolutionPack for Network Configuration Manager for more information.
    Data collection and Reports Blocks are updated.
  7. Install the Event block manually for upgrading the NCM SolutionPack from 6.8u5 to