This SolutionPack requires that the performance management (PM) data from eNodeB nodes be locally available on the server hosting the Stream collector. You must ensure the Operations Support System-Radio and Core (OSS-RC) can push the PM data files to the server.

This procedure includes a task for sending the PM files from the OSS-RC to the M&R server. Contact the OSS-RC administrator about where the PM files are stored and how they are processed.


  1. Verify the SFTP or FTP server is running on the M&R server where the Stream collector resides.
  2. Verify that connectivity exists between the M&R server and the OSS-RC server.
  3. Configure OSS-RC to push the raw PM data files on a regular time interval to this default directory on the M&R server: <install directory>/Collecting/Stream-Collector/<SP-name>/IncomingData/
    Here is an example of the name of a PM file: A20140710.0545+0300-0600+0300_SubNetworkONRM_RootMo,SubNetworkLTERAN,MeContextABC123_statsfile.xml.
    You can override the default directory during the SolutionPack installation.