SolutionPack version


Compatible M&R versions

6.8u5 and later

Data collection method

Stream collector

Supported version

Ericsson RNC CXP9014711/7_R11UA05

Main reports

Call Setup Success Rate (RNC)
Call Setup Success Rate (CELL)
CS Setup Success Rate (CELL)
PS Setup Success Rate (CELL)
Iu Setup Success Rate
CN paging to UE in URA State
RNC Sending Paging Failure Rate
UTRAN Paging to UE in URA State
RNC Type 1 Paging Attempt Success Rate
RNC Type 2 Paging Attempts (CELL)
RRC Setup Success Rate (CELL)
RRC Terminating Success Rate (CELL)
HSDPA Access Failure Rate
Cell Availability Summary
R99 RNC Availability
RNC Main Processor Load
Average Users HS
Average Users Ps Data
Average Users Speech
Power Limit Failure
Cell Update Success Rate
HSDPA Cell Change SR
Successful RL Addition Source Best Cell Speech
URA Update Success Rate
HSDPA Drop Rate
RAB Drop Rate
RRC Drop Ragte Speech
Traffic Speech
Traffic AMR
Traffic AMR-WB
Traffic CS57
Traffic CS64
Traffic PS Interactive
Traffic PS Interactive DCH/FACH
Traffic PS EUL
Traffic PS HS
Traffic PSSTR HS
RNC PS Stream
RNC PS Stream 128
PS Data Average Total Throughput UL
PS Data Average Total Throughput DL
PS Data Average Throughput Net
HS Data Average Throughput Net