SolutionPack version


Compatible M&R versions

6.8u5 and later

Data collection method

Stream collector

Supported versions

Ericsson SGSN R13A

Ericsson SGSN R10A

Main reports

KPI Dashboard
Provides detailed information on the key performance indicators affecting the overall functionality of the SGSN node. These KPIs are categorized into Accessibility, Retainability, Traffic, and Subscriber information. Several reports display valuable information on the SGSN and packet core network functionality.
Components Overview
Reports on the SGSN node and its components. Each SGSN node has various components that produce metrics, and both are shown in this report. It also provides detailed information on the performance of the SGSN node.
Inter SGSN RAU Failure Ratio
Displays the Routing Area Update (RAU) failure rate across SGSNs. RAU is performed whenever the mobile device is in motion.
Attach Failure Ratio
Shows the GPRS GSM failure of attaches. When a 2G or 3G user cannot access the packet data service, it displays in this key performance indicator.
Number of SAU
Provides the number of Simultaneously Attached Users (SAU), and indicates the probable load on the SGSN. The higher the number of SAU, the more the load.
Top-N Reports
Shows the Top-5 SGSN and Top-5 Routing areas in terms of various key performance indicators, such as the Top-5 SGSN with Number of SAUs, Top-5 Routing Areas with most Attach Failures, and Top-5 Busiest SGSNs.
Metrics and Measurement Inventory
Lists all the metrics and KPIs generated by an SGSN. This report is similar to the Components Overview report.
SGSN Mobility Management
Lists all the Mobility management KPIs, such as RAU failures and Paging Failures.
SGSN Traffic Management
Lists all the Traffic management KPIs, such as instance Total Uplink, Total Downlink, and Number of PDP.
SGSN Accessibility Management
Lists all the Accessibility management KPIs, such as instance Attach failure, RAB establishment failure, and PDP Context Activation Failure.