This SolutionPack requires that the performance management (PM) data from Huawei iManager M2000 be locally available on the server hosting the Stream collector. You must ensure Huawei iManager M2000 can push the PM data files to the server.

This procedure includes a task for sending the PM files from Huawei iManager M2000 to the M&R server. Contact the Huawei iManager M2000 administrator about where the PM files are stored and how they are processed.


  1. Verify the SFTP or FTP server is running on the M&R server where the Stream collector resides.
  2. Verify that connectivity exists between the M&R server and Huawei iManager M2000.
  3. Configure Huawei iManager M2000 to push the raw PM data files on a regular time interval to this default directory on the M&R server: <install directory>/Collecting/Stream-Collector/<collector instance name>/data/
    Here is an example of a raw PM file name: pmresult_67109379_*.csv.
    You can override the default directory during the SolutionPack installation.
  4. Verify that the required counters are enabled on Huawei iManager M2000 EMS (Element Management System). These counters are listed in the SolutionPack for Huawei iManager M2000 Counter Prerequisites.