You can change the default file name pattern.

The Ericsson IMS Metrics File provides a complete listing of the expected counters for each file pattern type. This spreadsheet is available on the online support website

Table 1. Node, Performance Category, Default file name pattern and 3GPP Format
Node Performance category Default file name pattern 3GPP format
CSCF Cscf A20.*_Cscf nPMF 32.401v5.0
CSCF Cscf2 A20.*_Cscf2 nPMF 32.401v5.0
CSCF CscfSipServer A20.*_CscfSipServer nPMF 32.401v5.0
CSCF CscfSipClient A20.*_CscfSipClient nPMF 32.401v5.0
TSP IPv4_MeassurementJob A20.*cscf.*_IPv4.* nPMF 32.401v5.0
TSP Diameter A20.*cscf.*_Diameter.* nPMF 32.401v5.0
TSP PlatformMeassures A20.*cscf.*_PlatformMeasures.* oPMF 32.401v5.0
TSP IPv6_MeassurementJob A.*cscf.*_IPv6.* nPMF 32.401v5.0
TSP OamProvision-Meassurement A20.*cscf.*_OamProvisioning.* nPMF 32.401v5.0