Use this procedure to install Maintenance Manager.

Typically, the Maintenance Manager is installed automatically with other modules during normal installations. In certain upgrade situations, the Maintenance Manager is not installed. For example, if your existing installation did not include the Maintenance Manager, then an upgrade also would not include it.

Your site needs a license to use the Maintenance Manager. If you need a license, contact Technical Support.

If you receive an error message after navigating to Administration > Modules > Maintenance Editor:

  • Make sure you have a license to use Maintenance Manager.
  • Install Maintenance Manager, if needed.
Note: If you do not have a license for Maintenance-Manager, contact Technical Support.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Centralized Management > Physical Overview > server_name .
  2. In the right pane, click the green Install button.
  3. On the Packages Installation screen:
    1. In the Categories list, select Block.
    2. In the Packages list, select generic-maintenance-manager-vx.x.x , where vx.x.x matches the M&R installed version on the server.
    3. Click Launch at the bottom of the page.
  4. Provide an instance name for the component and click Install.
  5. Install each component as the UI presents them on the screen, clicking Install for each one.
  6. For the generic-maintenance-manager component, provide the following information on the installer command line when the prompts appear:
    Database Type 1
    Database hostname or IP address IP address of the Events Database server
    Database port [53306] typically use the default
    Database name [events] typically use the default
    Database username [apg] typically use the default
    Database password password for the apg user on the database
    Listener port [22666] typically use the default
  7. Type yes to start the installed services.
  8. When the installation completes, add the new resource to the Tomcat service, as follows:
    1. Navigate to Centralized Management > Miscellaneous > WebServers > Tomcat > Default-<servername>.
    2. Under Configuration Files, locate the APG.xml file.
    3. Make sure that the following line is present in the file. If not, then add it.
      <Resource name="outage/OUTAGE-MANAGER"
    4. Save the file.
    5. If you changed the file, restart the Tomcat service.
  9. Navigate to Administration > Modules > Maintenance Editor to use Maintenance Manager features.