You can provide views of the individual cells, which are the sectors of a cellsite, on the geo maps in this SolutionPack. To do this, you customize a default property tagging filter and edit an existing sample CSV file according to your specifications. The information you enter into this filter processes the properties that you specify in the CSV file to enrich the views on the geo maps.


  1. Navigate to Centralized Management.
  2. Under Logical Overview, click Collecting.
  3. Select the Property-Tagging-Filter for the Huawei iManager M2000 instance. For example: Property-Tagging-Filter::huawei-m2000 <server>
    You can also modify the property tagging filter using the Data Enrichment functionality in Centralized Management. For more information, see the online help in the M&R platform.
  4. Click Configuration Files in the blue bar.
  5. Select conf/property-tagging-filter_m2000.xml.
  6. Click Edit to add these required key properties and provide processing instructions for the CSV file:
    • device
    • siteid
    • sitename
    • sitetype: indoor or outdoor
    • celltype: 2G, 3G, or 4G
    • location: latitude and longitude of the site location
    • azimuth: orientation of the cell/sector
    • radius: approximate radius of coverage
    • beamwidt: beam width view of the cell/sector
    For instructions on customizing this property tagging filter, click doc/APG-Property-Tagging-Filter.pdf under Documentation.
  7. Under Configuration Files, do one of the following:
    • To add locations based on the cell ID, edit the sample file M2000-cellid-map.csv to meet your requirements, and then click Save.
    • To add locations based on the device, edit the sample file M2000-device-map.csv to meet your requirements, and then click Save.
    The following shows sample entries for this type of CSV file:
    31071,EN107,Enma Mall,Indoor,3G,24.1298 56.5743,90,25000,120
    31074,EN107,Enma Mall,Indoor,3G,33.1298 40.5743,210,25500,120
    31072,EN107,Enma Mall,Indoor,3G,26.1298 50.5743,330,25500,120
    After the next polling cycle, you will see sectorized cell views on the geo maps.