The following device issues have been discovered with other releases. A resolution is included to address the issue, if available.

  • Issue: Pushing Command using Configlet is displaying as completed with a warning message when the Push type is Push to Run.

  • Resolution: Config pushes to the ARN must be executed using the Telnet mechanism. The configuration, which is modified and pushed, must be a configuration pulled using Telnet.

    An ARN config pulled using Telnet, can be edited, and will not have binary data displayed at the bottom of the configuration.

    A configuration pulled using Telnet/TFTP, will have the text string <VoyenceControl_Config_file><FilePath>Text Config</FilePath><humanReadable editable="false"<>![CDATA[ displayed at the top of the configuration, and will have binary data present at the end of the configuration.

    This configuration can not be edited, as indicated by the humanReadable editable="false" string.

    The Telnet/TFTP config should be pushed back to the ARN device for rollback only.