Device Type


Specific Model(s)

8850 Wide Area Switch - MGX 8850 PXM-45 and MGX 8250 PXM-1

Operating System and Firmware Versions


Communication Protocols

Telnet, SSH

Configuration Files Content


Configuration Change Notification (Events)


Discovery/Identify Methods

SNMP, Term

Credential Management

SNMP v1/v2, Account

Operating System Management Protocols


Quick Commands

Enable Automatic Backups

Disable Automatic Backups

Display Cards

Display Card

Display IMA Groups

Display IMA Group Counters

Display IMA Link Counters

Display Alarms

Display Hardware Alarms

Display Software Alarms

Display Port Counters

Display Port

Display Ports

Display Connection

Display Lines

Display PNNI Node List

Display PNNI Neighbor

Display PNNI Link

Display PNNI Routing Policy