The following existing device issues have been discovered within other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

HP ProCurve 2650 - Invalid Command ip proxy-arp

  • The configuration command for the default VLAN does not process correctly. This is an issue for all push types. A Push, using the terminal protocol, provides a warning but cannot be used for Push to Start.

    This error has been ignored for pushes to the running configuration but can not be ignored for a Push to Start, using TFTP.

    • HP 2650# sh ver

      Image stamp: /sw/code/build/fish(ts_08_5)

      May 26 2005 17:11:52



      Boot Image: Primary

      VLAN 1

      name "DEFAULT_VLAN"

      untagged 1-47,50-Trk1

      ip address

      ip proxy-arp


      Failed during execution


      Error In Configuration File On Line #21

      Invalid input: proxy-arp

      Error: Push Failed, Pull Succeeded

      HP 2650# copy start tftp hp1

      HP 2650# copy tftp start hp1

      Device may be rebooted, do you want to continue [y/n]? y

      line: 22. Invalid input: proxy-arp

      HP ProCurve 2650 - Push to Start causes Reboot

  • The device can reboot after a Push to Start.

    • HP 2650# copy tftp start hp1

      Device may be rebooted, do you want to continue [y/n]? y

      Rebooting switch...

      The ProCurve 2650 switch may reboot after a Push to Start.

      HP ProCurve

  • The HP Switch does not support Non-SNMP Management. For manageability, ensure that SNMP is turned On.

    HP Switch - Configuration Pushes

  • Issue: Configuration pushes executed to the HP switch using the push types Push to Run and Push to Run Copy Start may fail, due to line entries within the device configuration which contain the delete command.

  • Resolution: Remove lines from the configuration that may issue delete commands before pushing the configuration.

  • RollBack

    • When pushing a configuration to the HP switch, to remove lines from the configuration, that line must be prefixed with the word no.

    • For example:

      ip default-gateway

      snmp-server community "public" Operator Unrestricted

      snmp-server community "Cust3"

    • To remove "public" you need to push the following:

      ip default-gateway

      no snmp-server community "public" Operator Unrestricted

      snmp-server community "Cust3"

      Note that the second line snmp-server community "public", Operator Unrestricted is removed by prefixing the line with no, and then pushing the configuration. For lines which contain delete, follow the same procedure.

      HP ProCurve 2626 and 3500-ly

  • Configuration management using SCP

    • This capability is OS-dependent. Consult the applicable device documentation for details. For certain versions, SFTP (currently unsupported) is available, but SCP is not.

  • OS Upgrades using SCP

    • Image transfers generally succeed, but the devices fail to acknowledge the end-of-file sequence, leaving subsequent terminal sessions unable to complete the reload procedure. This can take the form of unresponsive SSH sessions or an indication that a transfer is still in progress. In some cases, the image file may also be truncated. A cold boot is the only current workaround.