To install in silent mode, follow these steps:




Log into the server as the root user.


Type bash –i silent -f <configuration file> -m <NCM_COMPONENT>

to run the installer in the silent installer mode, and press Enter.

where NCM_COMPONENT refers to:

  • NCM_CORE - Installs the NCM Core product, and Device Drivers

  • ADAPTERS - Installs the NCM Smarts Adapters

  • NCM_COMPLETE - Installs the NCM Core product, and Adapters


    The path to the silent configuration file must not contain any spaces. The file should be referenced with a full path that does not contain spaces (for example, -f /opt/voyence/

The installer begins to load. The script checks to ensure that all the prerequisites for the Network Configuration Manager are installed. The script automatically installs any missing prerequisites if the prerequisites are located in the Utils directory.

The installer does not require any user interaction. Once it completes, a message displays indicating the installation is complete, and you are returned to the shell prompt. If the installer is unable to complete the installation, an error message is saved in the [Product directory]/logs/ directory.