Note: You must have at least two different Device Serves to reassign a device, or a number of devices, from one server to another.

To reassign a device to another device server,

  1. In the System Administration window, expand the Global tree menu and navigate to Device Servers.

  2. Select the name of the Device Server where the device you are looking for resides.

  3. Click Devices.


  4. From the listing of devices, select the device (or any number of devices) you want to reassign to another Device Server, then click Reassign.

  5. From the list of Device Servers displayed in the Device Servers window, highlight the appropriate Device Server you want your selected devices to be reassigned to, then click OK.



  6. You can now verify the reassignment to make sure your devices are now listed under the Device Server you selected as the Reassigned Device Server.