The right-click feature in a Devices view (when the view is shown in a Table format) provides access to the following links. You can also access the same options when you right-click a device in the Diagram format.

Using these links allows you to complete a number of tasks, and view a great deal of device information.

Important Information!!

You must have the appropriate permissions to successfully complete some specific tasks you can access from the Devices View right-click menu options.

For example, in Cut-Through (In-Bound and Out-of-Bound), Quick Commands and Saved Commands, you are required to respond and correctly enter the appropriate information in the Job Credentials Input pop-up screen when this screen is displayed to continue to complete the selected task. See your System Administrator for more information.

Note: Any task that is not accessible to you from the right-click options listing (appears dimmed), and automatically lets you know that you do not have the appropriate permissions to complete that task, or that you have not made a correct selection (as in Compare Configs - you must select two devices from the list).

You can also use the right-click menu in the Navigation tree . You can select any device within the Network, and right-click to display the options.

Access each link to get more information on the tasks you can complete.

Pre-Post Configuration Analysis

Network administrators may use the Diagnostic Utility to:

  • Validate configuration changes made to a device.

  • Create a report which functions as a proof of changes made to devices. You can download the comprehensive report which details the diagnostic results and differences between current and previous configuration revisions.

To generate a report:

  1. Select Pre-Post Configuration Analysis. A comprehensive report displays.

  2. You may perform these operations:

    • Save to File (saves the results of the diagnostics to a Microsoft XLS file)

    • View Diagnostic Setup

    • Diagnostic Setup