This section helps you to integrate DCF with M&R. Kafka Messaging bus is used by VSA to fetch data from DCF and build topology and performance monitoring as well for the devices managed. The data collected by DCF which is pushed to Kafka is pushed to M&R backend where this can be leveraged to build reports for analysis.

To integrate DCF with M&R, run the script as mentioned in the knowledge base article Integrate DCF with M&R or perform the following steps:


  1. Go to the bin directory of DCF installation /opt/DCF/bin.
  2. Update the required module to provide the details about the M&R backend host and port using the following command:
    ./ update <module-name> <module instance-name>
  3. Enter ‘Y’, when prompt appears to modify the module configuration and process ahead.
    Do you want to modify the module configuration? (yes/no) [n] > y
  4. Enter the details when prompted to forward the data to M&R. Enter ‘Y’ and enter the M&R backend Hostname and Port Number when prompted.
    ? Do you want data to be forwarded to M&R? (yes/no) [y] >y
    ? M&R Hostname [] >
    ? M&R backend Port [2000] >2000


After the above integration you can see that the data is available in M&R.
Note: In the M&R database, performance data is only available for Cisco ACI SDN Monitoring and vCloud Director Management. You can create custom reports manually based on the requirements, reports are not available by default.