You can increase the polling frequency by decreasing the polling interval value for the SolutionPack.

Before you begin

The SolutionPack for Brocade FC Switch needs to be installed with EMC M&R.


  1. Connect to the Front-end host via SSH.

  2. Type:

    cd /opt/APG/Custom/WebApps-Resources/Default/devicediscovery/
  3. Insert default-polling-period="120" in the BROCADE_FCSWITCH_PORT_STATUS-discovery-actions.xml file.

    For example:

    <tns:snmp-capability-discovery-actions-config capability-
    name="BROCADE_FCSWITCH_PORT_STATUS" default-polling-period="120"
    load-factor="20" xmlns:tns="
    discovery-action" xmlns:xsi="
    discovery-action ../snmp-capability-discovery-actions.xsd ">
  4. Save and exit.

  5. Log in to the EMC M&R platform with your user name and password.

  6. Select Administration > Centralized Management.

  7. Select Logical Overview > Collecting.

  8. Select Collector-Manager::< Brocade _SolutionPack_instance >.

  9. Click Restart to restart the collector.

  10. Navigate to Administration in the EMC M&R platform.

  11. Click Modules > SNMP Device Discovery.

    A Dashboard appears where you add new SNMP collectors and devices as well as when you add devices to existing SNMP collectors. You can use a seed file to import a list of device definitions or manually add and configure devices.

  12. To add an SNMP collector, click Collectors > New Collector.

  13. Specify the required information for the SNMP collector.

  14. Click Save.

  15. To manually add a Brocade FC switch, click Devices > New Device.

  16. On the New Device window, click each tab and type the required information for the device.

  17. Click Save on each tab.

  18. Select the device that you just added and click the Approve action, which is the checkmark.

  19. On the Dashboard, do the following:

  20. Click Import devices from all enabled device sources.

  21. Click Discover capabilities from all approved devices.

  22. Click Distribute all approved devices with capabilities on all enabled collectors.

  23. Click Send the generated configurations on all available collectors.

    Green indicators appear on the Dashboard after successful executions.