You can increase the polling frequency by decreasing the polling interval value for the SolutionPack.

Before you begin

The SolutionPack for EMC VNX needs to be installed with EMC M&R.


  1. Log in to the EMC M&R platform with your user name and password.

  2. Select Administration > Centralized Management.

  3. Select Logical Overview > Collecting.

  4. Select Text-Collector::< VNX _SolutionPack_instance >.

  5. Edit the conf/textoutputcollector-vnxblock-frequentpoll.xml file under the Configuration Files + Schemas section.

    Look for the <polling-interval> tag and change the value to required polling interval.

    <collecting-group >group</collecting-group>
  6. For each collecting-configuration in same file, set the timeout to the adjusted polling interval value.

    For example, if you changed the polling interval to 120, set the timeout value to 120.

    <collecting-configuration name="VNXBLOCK-FREQUENTPOLL-DISKS" timeout="120">
  7. Click Save.

  8. Under Logical Overview > Collecting, select Collector-Manager::< VNX_SolutionPack_instance >.

  9. Edit the conf/collecting.xml file:

  10. Go to line: <collector enabled="false" name="VNXBlock-FrequentPoll" next="VNX-CRFSERIALNB" config="Text-Collector/emc-vnx/conf/textoutputcollector-vnxblockfrequentpoll.xml"/>

  11. Set collector enabled to true.

  12. Click Save.

  13. Click Restart to restart the collector.