To uninstall an VMware Smart Assurance product or product:

  1. Go to the BASEDIR/_uninst directory and enter the following command:


    During the uninstallation processes, you are prompted with a series of steps and menus. You can either accept the default value or select another choice. The default values are indicated in brackets or as predefined selections (checkmarks) in menus. To accept the default value, press Enter.

    When replying to a prompt, you can either accept the default value or select another choice.

    To reply yes, enter Y

    To reply no, enter N.

    Do not press Delete; doing so will cause the process to terminate with an error message. For selections in menus, you can accept default selections or type the number of the item and press Enter.

    If you incorrectly type an entry, type back to repeat the prompt and select the correct value. Arrow keys and the backspace key are not supported.

  2. Press Enter to continue.

  3. Upon completion, the uninstallation program will remove all of the files and directories in the BASEDIR/smarts directory, and then remove the smarts directory.

    The uninstallation program will also write an uninstall log file to the BASEDIR directory, unless the uninstallation fails at the very start, in which case the installation program will write the log file to the /tmp directory. The log file is a text file with the naming convention Uninstall.<product>.<productversionNumber>.log.