The value setting of the attribute declaration is paired with the declaration in name=value groupings. The values define the properties of the element you are adding, modifying, or deleting in the repository. In the following example, the notification list element is made up of a notification list element tag (“nlconfig”), attributes (name and enable), values (Hosts_and_Routers and false), and a close tag for the element (/>):

<nlconfig name="Hosts_and_Routers" enable="false"> </nlconfig>

An attribute value is either required or implied. If the value is an attribute that you must define such as the name of the object, this is indicated by the phrase #REQUIRED after the attribute in the DTD. If the value is implied, then a default value is indicated in quotes. For example, TRUE is the default value for the enable attribute of the actionconfig element:

<!ATTLIST actionconfig
 enable (TRUE | FALSE | true | false | True | False) "TRUE"
 type ( server | client | auto ) #REQUIRED >