To start the Audit Log Adapter, type the following command:

tBASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_server -n <adapter_name>
--config=audit-parse --outputs


  • <adapter_name> is the name of the Audit Log Adapter. It is recommended that you name the Audit log Adapter relative to the server for which it is performing audit parsing, for example, INCHARGE-SAM-AUDIT.


    t s Indicates that this command must be typed as one line. Separate each option with a space when typing the command.

    To name the Audit Log Adapter a name other than <adapter_name>:

    1. Copy the Sam/Smarts/conf/audit-parse/adapter-name.conf file to the sam/smarts/local/conf/audit-parse directory.

    2. Rename the adapter-name.conf file with the same name as the Audit Log Adapter.

      For example, if the Audit Log Adapter name is Audit-log, the adapter-name.conf file should be renamed Audit-log.conf.