You can disable a notification list if you do not want it active but do not want to delete it. When users attach to a Global Manager and their notification is disabled, their console will not receive any notifications. The console will receive notifications when the notification list is enabled.

To disable a notification list:

  1. Select the list from the tree in the Global Manager Administration Console.

  2. Clear the Enabled checkbox.

  3. Click Apply.

    The name of the disabled notification list appears dimmed.


    The Default notification list is used by the default-profile, admin-profile, and oper-profile user profiles and if this default notification list is disabled then user attached to this profile will not be able to receive any notification. Whenever changes are made to enable or disable of notification list through an admin profile, SAM server re-initializes all notifications to console. The resent notifications are based on changes made by the admin. So if the admin disables Default Notification List, when server re-initializes the connection, it will not find the default notification list or any other notification list attached to admin-profile. This will cause the console to not receive any notifications.