The Broker manages a registry of VMware Smart Assurance server applications. When an VMware Smart Assurance application needs to connect with another application, it gets the necessary information from the Broker. Periodically, the Broker pings the applications in its registry to determine whether they are still active.

Server applications, such as the Global Manager, IP Availability Manager, and Adapter Platform, are maintained in the Broker’s registry. Applications such as the Global Console connect to the Broker to determine the location of registered applications.

With most installations, the Broker is typically installed on the same machine as the license server. All VMware Smart Assurance applications must be able to access the Broker. By default, the Broker uses port 426.

It is recommended that you use a DNS alias to a machine for the Broker so that it is easier to redirect other VMware Smart Assurance applications if it becomes necessary to move.

Add the following information for the Broker to the deployment build guide:

  • Name of host where the Broker will reside

  • Port number to be used by the Broker (the default is 426.)

  • Information for the DNS broker alias

    Installations use more than one Broker for failover configurations. Multiple Brokers require special consideration to synchronize lists of registered servers. If you determine that your installation needs more than one Broker, consult with the VMware Smart Assurance Professional Services organization.