The for Software-Defined Networks (SDN) feature probes the NSX Manager and vCenter to discover and monitor the virtual elements in your virtual network. This feature provides end-to-end visibility into SDN-based data center infrastructure. This article describes how to set up the for Software-Defined Networks feature.

This article is for IT networking administrators.

The procedure in this article assumes that your VMware Smart Assurance deployment includes:

  • Smarts Server Manager (ESM) installed and operational. For example,
    • The Server Manager is configured to communicate with the IP Manager.
    • The Server Manager is configured with VMware read-only credentials for the Virtual Center associated with your NSX Manager.
    • The IP Manager can discover the ESX servers configured in the VMware vCenter.
  • A valid VMware Smart Assurance license with the Smarts Server Manager for Software-Defined Networks feature installed.
  • Global Console installed.
  • Valid VMware administrator credentials for your NSX Manager and the IP address of the host where the NSX Manager resides.

For information about these prerequisites, consult the VMware Smaart Assurance Installation Guide for SAM, IP, ESM, MPLS, NPM, OTM, and VoIP Managers, the Smarts Server Manager User and Configuration Guide , and the VMware Smart Assurance Release Notes.