A map report is basically a standard table report where each child node displays as a point in a geographical map. You can edit the location and the name of the location as well as the size, color, and shape of marker displayed on the map.

In Report Type on the Report Configuration tab, you select the map report from the miscellaneous section.

You can edit the following attributes on a map report:

  • Location locates an element on the map.
  • Name provides a name to a location, such as device name, region, and sitename.
  • Size sets the size of the marker. The size of the marker is based on a given metric value, such as the number of devices at the site.
  • Color sets the color of the marker. The color relies on the threshold definition where green represents no thresholds, yellow represents a major threshold, and red represents a critical threshold.
  • Marker sets the shape of the marker, such as circle, square, triangle, inverted triangle, pentagon, and sector.