Learn how to install and configure the SolutionPack for Aruba Wi-Fi. This SolutionPack provides the performance reports for the Aruba Wi-Fi controller, station, and Access Points. It collects and interprets data across multiple Aruba devices and performs resource grouping and mathematical calculations to help you evaluate performance.

This SolutionPack helps you:

  • Check the number of stations connected to your controller in real-time.
  • View all controllers, access points, ESSIDs, and radio through its inventory.
  • Verify the access point efficiency by monitoring the transmitted packets, bandwidth, and signal-to-noise ratio, which demonstrates gains and lets you fine tune the device configuration for better results.
  • Monitor the Aruba routers in real-time and pro-actively optimize the availability of your services.
  • Understand the access point activity to see which AP device is being used the most, such as the peaks and busy hours of the device.