Call Managers that were configured in M&R prior to a SolutionPack upgrade are removed after the SolutionPack is updated in M&R 6.7u1.

The Call Manager data in Discovery Center > Devices Management in M&R is removed during the SolutionPack upgrade. You can export this data prior to performing the upgrade with this procedure.


  1. Navigate to Discovery Center > Devices Management > Call Manager Information.
  2. Click the Export button to export all CUCM AXL and SNMP configurations to a file in .csv format.
  3. Edit the .csv file to make it compatible with the new version of the SolutionPack for CUCM.
    1. Delete the columns named snmpversion and communitystring.
    2. Add a column named publisher to the right of the other columns in the .csv file. Populate this column with values (true or false) for each call manager depending upon whether the call manager is a publisher or not.
      If the Call Manager is a publisher, enter true; otherwise, enter false.
    Example of a modified .csv file
    Server	Instance	name	host	cluster	username	password	version	publisher'	'cisco-voip-cucm'	'cucm11-01'	''	'StandAloneCluster'	'admin'	'{EC5CAACFC6E5A467BD1C933A61C8E0F1724FE6DE415202BD4BC00AC9E4A6940C7495C046EE9AC644A191B327D176FA34}'	'11'	'true''	'cisco-voip-cucm'	'nvla-cucm-303'	''	'nvla-cucm-303'	'admin'	'{882C7AD590E3F05B06A1954A2ED430FF163F36C417545681F07D0CB9ABBA4402790D78C775EB7BA6A9648D7FBA065FA2}'	'10.5'	'false''	'cisco-voip-cucm'	'cucm11-02'	''	'StandAloneCluster'	'admin'	'{E5D67C13A6511355E51C49DF731AD9357BC5300221E6B58F13C0D02CF674ADC81278F3C01440266D0BBAF009826CFE24}'	'11'	'false'
  4. Upgrade the SolutionPack for CUCM.
  5. Import the revised .csv file back into the new SolutionPack for CUCM after the upgrade and post-upgrade configuration tasks are completed.