Device Type

Load Balancer

Specific Model(s)

BIG-IP 1500, BIG-IP 3400,D39

Operating System and Firmware Versions

Operating systems for BIG-IP 1500 models:,,,

Operating systems for all other models: 9.1.2 40.2

Operating System for BigIP model D39: 9.4.7 320.1

Operating Systems for models C103, C106, D63a, D104, D106, and A107: 10.2.0, 10.2.1

Communication Protocols


Configuration Files Content


Configuration Change Notification (Events)

Syslog, SNMP Trap

Discovery/Identify Methods

SNMP, Terminal

Credential Management

SNMP v1/v2, Account

Operating System Management Protocols


Quick Commands

Ping, View Arp, View Interfaces, View Routes