Credentials are created by the System Administrator in the Credentials section of System Administration. Credentials are initially associated with devices during Auto Discovery. Credential associations can be reset for one or more devices using the right-click menu, or for a single device within Device Properties.

Unique credentials can be assigned for both the device management and cut-through mechanism. Built in prompt and Account credentials are available for cut-through.

Additional internal auditing enhancements are now available allowing a System Administrator more insight into who is accessing devices, and what tasks are being completed within the system.

As the System Administrator, you now have a method of dynamically controlling the credentials used for any device operation, as well as being offered the flexibility to deal with special and exception scenarios to manage certain devices.

As a System Administrator, you can now determine if credentials are to be governed by Global Credential Configuration settings, or allow Credential Configurations at the Network level to override the Global Configuration settings.

Now, shared credentials to all network devices can be overridden at the time of actual execution, whether the operation is scheduled or non-scheduled.

The Credentials Manager has two options that you can view and work with:

  • Credentials

  • Credentials Configuration


From Credentials you can:

  • View Associations

  • Roll

  • Add

  • Copy

  • Edit

  • Remove

From Credentials Configurations you can select configuration options, for either Scheduled or Non-Scheduled jobs and operations:

  • Use Static Device Assignment

  • Use Login Credentials

  • Prompts User