If the Networks Navigation tree is not displayed, go to Tools - Networks Navigation.


From the Launch window, you can now view the Networks Navigation in the left pane.



Networks Navigation Tree

From the Networks Navigation tree, the following can be accessed. Click each link for more information on working within the Networks.


Network configuration is the "backbone" of the application.

All other aspects of your network are created and managed from a network.


Can include groups of views, screens, and results that you frequently access.

Designating a specific View as a Favorite allows you quick access to the information.

Devices A specialized view that contains all network devices.
Sites A hierarchical structure that allows physical segmentation of devices. Sites are viewed and updated in the Site view of a network by authorized users only. Sites use locations to reference the devices network organization. For example, geography, building, and rooms.
Views A folder containing user-defined views. Views contain user-defined groupings of operational network devices.
Workspaces A folder containing user-defined Workspaces. Workspaces are "sandboxes" for storing and staging device configuration changes, and can be used for design and for complex changes.