The Address pools allow you to setup flat address pools using Network Configuration Manager. You can define address pools for each Network within Network Configuration Manager.

Note: This feature is also available using the API.

The IP Addressing feature uses a flat topology, but it contains multiple blocks. These flat pools are only seen in the network for which they are created. The pools are then used in the Workspace, Sites, and Views of the network.

There is no limit to the number of IP Addresses that can be set up in the pool. When needed, addresses can be excluded. When a device is pulled into the repository, the device's IP is authenticated to make sure it's IP is defined in the networks pool.

IP Addresses are blocked for each network. Each block can contain as many IP Address as needed for the block. Address blocks can be allocated from pools for use in assigning IP Addresses to new devices and interfaces. Addresses are assigned through the use of insert IPs and Insert Reference Variables within Editors.

When completing cleanup and maintenance on the IP Address blocks, you can delete (remove) entire address blocks or only delete (remove) an IP Address defined within the block .